From the President

Welcome to the new and improved ARAA website! This has become a labor of love for the Academy and we hope that you will find that the website functions seamlessly. If not, please contact us to let us know so that we can make it as easy as possible for each of you to use. 

Besides the website recreation, the Academy Board is busy with other activities including our membership drive and finalizing plans for our Annual State Academy Convention. Zach and Sam have been busy securing speakers and a location for this event that we are sure will be fabulous.

One of our main goals for the Academy is to be a support system for our members and to work closely with the American Academy of Audiology to promote and improve the profession of Audiology. ARAA strives to do this through continuing education opportunities during our annual convention, awareness of state and national legislation changes, and through giving to the national association. ARAA has given several thousands of dollars raised through our convention silent auction to the Foundation.

Another goal for the Academy over the next few years is to GROW! We want the Arkansas Academy of Audiology to be a loud voice for the improvement of audiology in the state of Arkansas and nationally. With the changes in healthcare headed down the pipeline and the changes in insurance, we as audiologists need to take a united front in maintaining and improving our profession. For many of you, like me, audiology is not just a job. It is a career, a lifelong love of helping patients, and a passion. We want our ability to help and treat patients to remain in our hands. In order to ensure that our profession remains intact and thriving through any unforeseen changes, we need to be a strong voice of leadership. To accomplish this, we need your help! Many of you may ask what you can do. You can support ARAA and AAA in striving to meet these goals by maintaining your membership, making suggestions for improvements to our organization, and becoming involved locally and nationally. If you have been a member since our inception in 2009, I applaud you! If you have come aboard recently, we appreciate you! You can also help by inviting and encouraging your colleagues and audiology friends to take a stand with us and join ARAA. I strongly urge you to reach out to an audiologist you know who is not involved and tell them about the Academy. These steps can help us grow into a strong and united organization that can and will keep audiology a strong profession! In order to accomplish this, it will require effort and participation on your part!

Join this movement now by renewing your membership and participating in this year’s convention. Help us shape the Academy into the organization that will stand the test of time and exceed expectations! We look forward to working with each of you. I encourage each of you to visit our “Meet the Board” page and get to know the group of volunteers who have given their time and talents to ensure this academy continues. Please contact any one of the board members with any questions, suggestions, and concerns. Together we can make this Academy an organization that will thrive.


Janean Woods, Au.D., FAAA
President 2015-2017

AARA Membership Drive

It is that time of year again! ARAA Membership Drive!  

Each year during the membership drive, the board of ARAA explores new ways to meet the needs of our members.  Our goal is to provide the services you desire while advancing our profession locally and nationally.  ARAA does this through education, philanthropy, national awareness, and legislative knowledge.

EDUCATION: Membership in ARAA is more than a convention with CEUs in Arkansas.  Earning CEUs has become an easy task with online CEUs and periodic manufacturer sponsored events throughout the year.  For these reasons, our desire from the conception of ARAA was to make the ARAA convention more than CEUs.  It gives audiologists in Arkansas the chance to meet, share ideas, and help each other grow our profession in our state through education and collaboration.  Not to mention, the ARAA convention is FUN!  Past speakers have marveled at the beauty of our state and have requested to come back as speakers because of the warmth and generosity of the attendees and convention planners.  

PHILANTHROPY: Each year the ARAA auction receives national attention for our generosity to the American Academy of Auidology Foundation (AAAF) as a state academy.  AAAF is the philanthropic division of our profession and promotes research, student research, education, and the growth of our profession through public awareness.  They would not exist without the support of AAA members and state academies.  ARAA has been a proud supporter of AAAF since 2009.

NATIONAL AWARENESS: ARAA is the only by and for audiology group in our state.  As a state academy of the American Academy of Audiology, it is partnered with the largest organization of audiologists in the world.  The need to support our state organizations and national level organizations has become extremely important with the many legislative issues in audiology over the past couple of years.  ARAA remains a strong and active member of the AAA State Leaders Network.  This liaison to AAA helps keep ARAA involved with other state academies so that we can collaborate and learn from each other.  It reinforces that we are all in this together and there is strength in numbers for all of our audiology issues.

LEGISLATION: The ARAA board has been very active this year supporting Audiology in Arkansas by fighting for our professional issues and keeping it's members informed about issues that affect our practice of audiology every day. From supporting The Hearing Aid Tax Credit to opposing both the Medicare Audiology Service Enhancement Act and the Expansion of VA Hearing Aid Benefits by Hearing Instrument Specialists, the current legislative season has been a busy one for our profession of audiology.  Now more than ever it is so important as collective group of audiologists to support our entire profession. For more legislative information go to

Whether you practice in pediatrics, geriatrics, private practices, ENT, federal, state, university, now is the time to join together and support our profession by joining ARAA.  Each area of audiology is uniquely important and the outcomes of one practice area influence the profession as a whole on the local and national level. Join ARAA today and together we can be advocates for Audiologists in Arkansas and support our entire profession!

To renew your ARAA membership, if you are already registered on the site, login and select "My ARAA profile", then click on "Membership."

If you are new to ARAA or have never registered on the web site, click here to join!


R. Hope Gillison, AuD
VP of Membership ARAA